Get Free Fest

November 10 -11


Studio 34

 4522 Baltimore Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19143



The Manifesto

We believe that the yoga practice heals.

Get Free was born out of need to offer communities of color a safe space to grow, connect, breath and ponder what it means to practice self care as an act of revolution.

As we work to untangle our communities from the trauma associated with being a minority in America, we understand that self-care is not just a buzzword and that many of us must commit to our healing our bodies, minds and spirits  - which continue to serve as vessels that collect trauma, anger, and pain. 

We believe that social liberation is bound to individual embodied liberation.

In the yoga tradition, the word “embody” means to enter the physical form with a type of awareness, self-acceptance and compassion that our troubled society often prevents us from experiencing.

To become embodied is to perceive directly, your very nature, to witness and know intimately that every cell is awake and alive and that you are divine and one with the universe.

Using yoga as the string that tethers the community together Get Free seeks to address Ta-Nehisi Coates call to ponder “how to live free in a black body,” while honoring the legacy of Audre Lorde who once proclaimed that “...caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and an act of political warfare.”

We support Black and Brown economic mobility and freedom. 

The global health and wellness industry is expected to generate a trillion dollars by the year 2020. Currently fitness and mind + body exercise make up $390 billion, roughly.

Get Free classes will be led by  brown and black guides and the Get Free Marketplace will showcase minority owned wellness providers including acupuncture, massage, reiki, counseling and other healing modalities that are often missing from communities of color. 



The Get Free Cooperative is made up of  POC wellness providers who share a common desire to share healing practices with marginalized communities. By sharing resources we are working to create a functioning support system for those who have been called to heal.


Weekend Passes

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