Jazmyn "Yeye Yogini" Burton

Founder of YEYE Yoga

wellness curator, omo Oshun, myth keeper, black girl magi.


Yoga has been my life raft for more than a decade. Through all of life’s changes, the one thing that has offered me consistent comfort is my practice. My goal is to share what I’ve learned, the techniques that have healed my spirit, with communities of color who are often put off by the practice because they assume that it's not for them.

Although it might not be obvious when you walk into an urban studio, the ancestral lineage of Yoga—a holistic philosophy and practice whose origins can be traced back to Ancient African and South Asian civilizations -  is not just for skinny white women.

My dharma is to offer this practice to communities that haven’t had access or have felt uncomfortable in spaces where they are viewed as “the other.” 

I am convinced that the next movement for people of color is one that addresses our health and healing from present and ancestral trauma. I believe that yoga is our way out and through the mental bondage that has plagued our communities for centuries.

Sounds extreme, I know... but when you realize that mind-body exercises like yoga actually decrease the cascade of inflammation that so often sits simmering in the body and wreaking havoc due to chronic stress and that deep breathing and mediation work on the HPA axis (or hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis), which controls your sympathetic nervous system (the fight or flight response that keeps your body cued up) as well as the parasympathetic nervous system (this tells you to chill out), it might seem a bit more likely that by taking better care of ourselves... we can become present enough to encourage change. 

What's a Yeye Yogini ?

Yeye is a Yoruba word that means mother. In Ifa, the Yoruba spiritual tradition, Yeye is praise name for the Orisha Oshun, the deity that rules health, wellness, happiness and creativity.  And, a "yogini" is feminine form of the Sanskrit word "yogi," which just means one who practices the yoga tradition. 

Pairing the two is my way of giving homage to both my indigenous practices and my yoga practice. 

What is Yeye Yoga? 

Yeye Yoga is a virtual extension of my teaching practice. Visit this space anytime you need to pause and breathe. You'll find weekly updates that include vegan recipes and musings on love and life, monthly WombScopes by Golden Ana Re to help you navigate astral transitions and information on my yoga practice, classes and workshops.

Happy Healing, 

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Jazmyn "Yeye Yogini" Burton is a 200-hour certified, Philadelphia based yoga instructor and health and wellness writer. Over the last decade she has immersed herself in the physical and spiritual practiced of yoga. Her classes are crafted for all levels and provide a serene, safe and welcoming space where students of all shapes, sizes, colors and backgrounds can find peace and balance while working to create a wellness regime that supports their physical, emotional and spiritual development.