The few days before a full moon is a beautiful time to spend in reflection; noting the areas in your life that need a little bit more attention. 

For our final class on Sunday, August 19  we'll be practicing during the waxing moon, right in between the New Moon eclipse in Leo, which arrives on August 11 and the next Full Moon, which arrives August 26 in the highly intuitive sign Pisces.

We’ll work to balance water and fire energies by practicing a detoxing flow filled with lots of twits and a few dips. This time around, we'll use our candles to signal the universe that we are ready for an increase.

This 90 minute class will begin with yoga postures that warm up the body before cooling down into a yin sequence that will help participants harness powerful lunar energies. The last 30 minutes of class will be dedicated to decorating "moon candles," which we will energize with our personal intentions for the full moon.