WombScopes  By Golden Ana Ré 


By Golden Ana Ré 


Leo, this is your moment, love! It’s your time to fight for yourself and your truest, most divine manifestations. It’s time to commit to your heart-led aspirations through your day to day actions. You have a brilliant idea for yourself, so go for it! Stand firm in your decisions & remain positive. Don’t be fearful, there’s no blocks on your path. The only concern here is your strategy. Beware of your habit of doing it all or doing it alone. Release the weight of what isn’t yours to uphold. Delegate the extra things away. Reclaim your time. Uphold only the things that serve your vision. There’s an easier way to navigate this, dear love. Assistance is available, will you ask for it? (It may not be someone that meets you at the heart, but their knowledge is trustworthy, get that guidance regardless an unemotional connection.) Take good care of your health holistically this month. It is paramount to create from a place of power, confidence and personal truth.


Libra, the actions and decisions you’ve made in the recent past are coming back to you at full force. Are you happy with what is being returned to you? If not, this can be a powerful time for you to choose a different approach to what you’ve been giving out to the Universe. There are some major shifts brewing, the Divine wants you to address some matters head on before it’s too late. Get yourself in the best positioning, troubleshoot, apologize, strategize, all that jazz. Don’t ignore this. Believe in yourself, believe in your strength to forgive yourself & others and move with kindness at this time. You’ve been leaning on resources but not seeing them as such. This month you are being asked to show up in ways you have not.


Sagittarius, this month is a time for deep review that will lead you to re-establishing your direction. Check on your investments of time, money & energy. What is it that you’re building? Most things will need to be scaled down, you can do too much at times, beware of overextending yourself. Also, keep it domestic this month. Sorry, no last minute trips to a new country, there’s work for you to do here. The work you need to do this month is fighting for your success, utilizing your resources & honoring the partnerships that were sent to assist you. Allow yourself to collaborate with others. Accept invitations to gatherings and social events. The Divine is talking to you, and you work well with your intuition and higher self when you choose to tap in. So go ahead, tap on in.


Aquarius, you might not receive a word of this message, but I’ll try anyway, dear love. It would behoove you to listen to the advice you’re receiving from others. The way you’re moving is going to catch up to you. The lesson doesn’t have to be learned the hard way. What’s the real reason for your commitment to this m.o.? If you’ve done people wrong, including yourself, how can you remedy the situation? There are beautiful opportunities for success in your endeavors this month, but who can you celebrate with, with your relationships in their current status? Release the fears you hold, trust that if a part of your life no longer feels right, that you can make the changes necessary. A new understanding of this situation is available to you, if you’ll allow it in.


Aries, this is a powerful month for you, dear love. You’re dealing with some important matters. Matters of the heart and legal documents deserve your attention & action. Don’t push it off. Instead of restless nights being worried, move yourself back to a position of power & control. You work well with your guides, allow those “random” ideas and epiphanies to navigate you through this time. It’s also a good time to update your resume, website or run a new promotion for your business. With the inflow of money coming your way, use these funds wisely. Repay a debt or two, donate to a charity you’ve researched & trust. Put out some good financial karma, you’ll thank yourself later!


Gemini, don’t let things bring you down, love. Spend time looking at your vision boards & yearly goals, remind yourself of the direction you’re taking. Spend time with people who have stability on their path, share some of your ideas with them. Listen to advice you receive from loved ones. Changes are coming and there’s time to put some things in place so you’re in a good spot when these shifts occur. It’s also a good idea to hold onto your coins tightly this month. Avoid lavish spending and lending money away (it won’t come back) and discipline yourself to replenish your savings account. Move your focus from the distractions and aim to focus on creating the livelihood you truly desire.


Virgo, money moves are here, baby! The Divine is giving you a personal money assistant to help you secure the bag. Who in your circle has success that you could bounce some ideas off of? Give them a call. Allow yourself to accept the money guidance that is here. The Divine wants to move you towards even more abundance. Are you being invited to show the world, or your local community, what you got? This is the time to be in the spotlight. Shine dear, Virgo, shine! Lead with the wisdom you’ve ascertained in your hermit sessions. Those moments of stillness were helping you to regain clarity and your personal power. Celebrate what you’ve achieved in the last month, keep up the momentum, keep the discipline strong. Spirit will surely chariot you to new destinations. I see you!



Scorpio, I love you. This is gonna be tough, hold on tight. You’re fighting for the wrong cause, love. Deep down you know you want to remove yourself from a situation, you feel something is not right. Yet you’re missing the assistance, the divine opportunity Spirit has placed in your path. Possibly because you’re distracted. You’re not seeing the forest for the trees. Although you hate to hear this, there are things you do not know. A more curious & inquisitive energy will serve you well this month. The Divine, also wants you to pay attention to your health. You’ll want to be in strong health holistically, to change any behaviors or patterns that impede on your well-being. Less nights out, more nights being intentional with self.


Capricorn, the Divine is fighting on your behalf to protect your success. You can honor this divine assistance by listening to your intuition. What is your gut telling you? Taking heed to the guidance of your higher self can secure your victory this month. Here’s a hint, put your money where those funds were originally intended to go. Whether that’s to a project, savings account or paying off debts. Pay attention to what’s happening to your resources. If an abrupt change were to occur, a rainy day fell upon you, do you have resources to support yourself through this change? Stay away from the needy, greedy, over-ambitious but inexperienced, they will be seeking support this month. Let’s be honest, you need to keep all the coins you have, boo. Say no, lovingly, they’ll be alright. Smart choices will help you secure your riches, and bring to you a shiny new reward. Remain steadfast.


Pisces, sweet love, it’s time to wipe up the spilled milk and move on. Move on out of negative vibrations of powerlessness. IssaLie & IssaTrap. Release those energies, run, cry, swim, sing, dance, whatever! Move into lighter energy so you can reclaim your focus. You’re on your spiritual journey, heading in a beautiful direction. So continue to explore your gifts, you can enjoy this moment of waiting. Take a breather & rest. Don’t worry, just be patient, because the best treasures take a little while to manifest. As you incorporate constructive, soul supporting stillness into your schedule this month, you’ll be able to amplify the voice of your higher self. Allow that inner voice to assist you in remaining grounded this month as you are journeying.


Taurus, round of applause for your tenacity and intention to staying on track with your plans for success! There’s still more work to do. The Divine is waiting for you to lead with your truths, for real for real. That’s how you secure your victory this month. Troublesome partnerships that you’re in can cause delays. In this moment, your guides are encouraging you to take the lead. When you share your vision with your collaborators, is it respected? If so, beautiful, keep on shining! If your visions are not respected and your ideas fall on deaf ears, you may need to reconsider this collaboration. There are people who hold your vision as their own also. Connect with others who share your dreams, manifest with those folx, this is where great progress ensues.


Cancer, listen to your intuition, sweetheart. You’re receiving major downloads from the Universe. The Divine is giving you support in fulfilling your desires for living out your passions within your career. You have to follow that internal guidance though. Do you know the difference between the inner voice that is intuition and the one that is fear? Fear makes plans in reaction to situations you wouldn’t create for yourself. Intuition makes plans to secure situations that are curated by your personal vision. Honoring your passions, without watering down the expressions of said passions, will bring you the attention & compensation you’re seeking. Let’s face it, you’re the best at what you do. Act like it, suga! Heart matters may be a distraction for you this month, what changes do you need to make in your relationships? A clarifying conversation or two may bring some relief.



BY Golden Ana Ré 

Golden Ana Ré (Iyawo Obatala) is a Queer Trinidadian lightworker and spiritualist that focuses their astrology on the wisdom of the womb by channeling messages from the YoniVerse. Be sure to review your sun, moon and rising signs, as you see fit. 

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